Industrial Electrical Services

Installation & Maintenance

Robon Electrical possesses over 30 years of combined industrial electrical experience, ranging from everyday industrial electrical jobs to major infrastructure projects. We are extremely successful at analysing existing systems to identify and resolve problems or inefficiencies.

We will work with you to upgrade your existing systems or to design, manufacture and install new systems which meet your specific requirements and cost constraints. We can offer expert advice and guidance on the selection of equipment and the design of your infrastructure, whether you want to utilise tried and tested components or commission a customised system. We participate fully in all planning and design stages and offer professional project management services, coordinating with other participants to minimise the impact of upgrades or installations on your day-to-day operations.

Our broad experience in industrial electrical services includes:

Installation and adjustment of the electrical components of new machinery and equipment

  • Installation and maintenance of motor starting systems including DOL, soft starters, VSD systems
  • Regular fault-testing and tagging of electrical appliances as per OHS requirements.
  • Design and manufacture of switchboards to your specifications
  • Design and installation of programmable logic controller (PLC) systems for the automation of electromechanical processes (such as the control of machinery)
  • Service of electric motor speed controllers Installation and service of electric motor start up controls (soft starters)
  • Installation, repairs and maintenance to overhead cranes
  • Installation, repairs and maintenance to the electrical, digital and analogue controls of hydraulic control systems
  • Extension services including design of cable racks and installation of all cables and switch gear