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Company Profile – Robon Electrical

Robon Electrical Pty Ltd was born out of the need to secure an efficient and cost effective company to meet the ever-changing trends and needs of the electrical field.

Our main objective is to specialise in the overall electrical and high voltage fields including 11KV up to 66KV maintenance and operating. We specialise in the electrification of heavy industrial factory and production plants such as Glass bottle factory Consol Glass. Our company was registered in early 2012 and aspires to comply with the spirit and principals of our country’s constitution, and can now provide a wide range of services including construction and low voltage projects.

On the high voltage side Ronnie and Pierre  provide a well-experienced service drawing upon our accumulated expertise of more than 20 years in this industry. We are both registered high voltage operators and have been working for City Of Cape Town and Xstrata Mines for the past 12 years (respectively) on their high voltage systems.

We pride ourselves in being able to give our clients a truly personal touch with our services, which simply isn’t  possible for larger corporations.

We are both qualified as installation electricians, and Ronnie has also obtained the qualification of “Master Installation Electrician”.

Our Mission and Services Offered:

  • Safe and consequent supply in the work place
  • Training of in-service personal
  • Constant upgrading and standardizing of factories and industrial outlets
  • 11KV switchgear maintenance
  • New industrial and commercial low voltage installations
  • 11KV switching and operating
  • Money saving options such as installation of power factor correction
  • Generator installation
  • Construction of substations
  • Design
  • Data logging of electrical profiles by means of data logging
  • HV/ MV / LV Reticulation
  • Industrial installations
  • Commercial installations
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Acceptable response time
  • Customer care